2020 Ronstan Sailboat Hardware Catalogue - Page 51

Keelboat Blocks
Bearing system
Lashing Orbit Block™
Universal head
Stand-up block
Swivel-eye head blocks
to suit padeyes

Orbit Blocks™ are a no-compromise product range developed to meet the
demands and expectations of the very dedicated and increasingly professional
racing sailor, with characteristics including:
• High strength-to-weight ratio.
• Minimal friction loss, especially when working at high loads.
• Totally reliable and trouble free performance.
• Simplicity of design and construction to facilitate maintenance and servicing.
• Elegant, functional styling and finish.
Bearing system
The Orbit sheave has captive acetal or Torlon® ball bearings for side thrust loads, eliminating the
need for side retainer plates. This reduces weight and allows for a wider bearing surface that can
accommodate longer Torlon® needles – achieving a substantially higher strength-to-weight ratio.
Design simplicity
There are only 3 primary components to the block: the twin side pieces, sculptured from solid
high grade alloy, and the one-piece sheave with its captive ball bearings. The Orbit sheave
has captive acetal or Torlon® ball bearings for side thrust loads, maximising the available
bearing surface for its Torlon® needle rollers to achieve a high strength-to-weight ratio.
Universal head
Head posts of swivel blocks can be locked at 0° or 90°. The high resistance shackles are
forged in grade 17-4PH stainless steel.
Halyard blocks
These blocks have been designed primarily for attachment around the mast collar to
lead halyards aft from the mast base to winches. The head of the block has a removable
pin which enables easy attachment to the deck padeye or mast collar. This method of
attachment provides a low lead aft to organisers or winches.
Strop and lashing blocks
These lightweight alternatives to traditional blocks are used where a rope lashing attachment
is passed through the hub of the sheave to provide a failsafe feature. Lashing blocks have
incredibly high breaking loads – up to 40,000kg. Their versatility makes them suitable for
many applications, with four lashing guide holes to allow for multiple attachment options
including single, parallel and split lashings. The central hole can also be used for a becket
in 3:1 purchase systems. Every detail has been carefully executed to achieve the best
optimisation of performance, size, weight and ultimate strength.
Foot blocks
The bottom plate incorporating the hub section is machined from solid alloy for maximum
integrity of the load bearing structure. The top cover plate protects the sheave against impact,
prevents dirt and grit from entering the hub area, and can be removed for service without
removing the mounting bolts that secure the block through the base plate to the deck.
Stand-up blocks
A number of stand-up solutions are available for Orbit Blocks™. These include assemblies
incorporating padeye and rubber boot, stand-up spring kits and blocks with special swiveleye to suit non-tumble padeyes.


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