2020 Ronstan Sailboat Hardware Catalogue - Page 6

Sports Blocks
Ball Bearing Orbit sheave
Ratchet block auto/manual models
Dyneema® link or shackle head
Adjustable cleat arms
Ratchet block auto engagement
Ratchet block holding power

Ultimate Performance
Awesome Holding Power
Ball Bearing Orbit Blocks™ have been engineered to achieve the highest
possible strength-to-weight ratio, using composite reinforced polymer
materials and a Dyneema® link attachment instead of metal components.
Multiple gripping faces machined into our ratchet block sheaves work in
conjunction with our unique cross-hole geometry, delivering up to 20:1 holding
power to resist slipping of the loaded line while minimising rope wear. Ball
bearings ensure minimum friction under load and a free running sheave when
the ratchet is disengaged.
The unique orbital version of our 2-stage ball bearing system maximises the
available bearing surface and positions recirculating ball bearings exclusively
within the loaded area of the sheave. A secondary full-contact bearing
maintains low friction across the full working load range.
The Dyneema® link, realised in high-grade SK78 fibre, is easily fitted and
retained securely by a moulded retainer clip. The flexible link allows limited
articulation in a 0° or 90° orientation, while swivel head models with stainless
steel shackles provide full rotation and ultimate durability.
Orbit Blocks™ are fitted with our carbon-fibre reinforced C-Cleat™ for secure
rope holding with low entry and exit efforts, and fairleads for fast action from
any angle. Cleat arms have a wide range of adjustment and calibration marks
for setting your preferred cleating angle.
Control switches are located on both sides of the block to remain accessible
wherever the block is fitted. In auto mode, the ratchet mechanism engages
when load is applied but disengages when released to let the sheet run out
freely – ideal for gybing asymmetric spinnakers. In manual mode, the switch is
used to set up the block with ratchet either on or off as required.


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