2020 Ronstan Sailboat Hardware Catalogue - Page 85

Battlestick™ Tiller Extensions
Lightweight carbon extension grip
Tapered carbon tube
optimises weight
Lightweight EVA grip & end knob
Lightweight & rigid aluminium tube
Slide in universal

Ultimate Performance
Ronstan Battlestick™; the next generation of sailing weaponry. A range of
carbon composite and alloy tiller extensions providing the highest level of
control for quick, decisive helm response in every situation.
Carbon Battlestick™ positive grip
The unique lightweight grip remains effective when wet and its slim profile transitions
smoothly from the carbon tube to a comfortable ergonomic shape to minimise fatigue. The
ribbed finish on the tube provides additional positive grip along its full length, and an end
stop is fitted for comfort and safety. Short tiller extensions have smaller grip diameters to
match typically smaller hands.
Lightweight & strong
The dual laminate construction has been precisely engineered for minimum weight, without
sacrificing the durability required to meet the rigours of modern sailing. A combination of full
length longitudinal and 45° lateral glass and carbon fibres balance optimum stiffness with
extra resilience to resist breakage.
Full-articulation universal joint
Removable urethane universal joint
Tapered carbon composite tube
The tapered design maximises rigidity and strength at the helmsman’s end for positive feel
and resistance to breakage over the gunwale when things get ugly.
Alloy Battlestick™ ergonomic EVA grip
This firm non-slip grip material does not absorb water and the large grip diameter contrasts
ergonomically with mainsheet diameter to relieve fatigue. The end knob ensures safety and
positive hand positioning.
Fluted alloy tube
Ronstan’s aluminium tiller extensions have a unique fluted profile that adds extra rigidity to
the lightweight alloy section. Tubes have a black anodised finish for corrosion protection.
The right length
Battlesticks™ are available in six standard lengths from 610mm to 2500mm (24” to 98”) to
suit virtually any class or personal preference. To facilitate cutting of the tube to a custom
length the 2500mm (98”) RF3137C does not include a grip or end cap. Telescopic alloy
versions are available in four configurations, up to the maximum of 2500mm (98”) long with
960mm (38”) of adjustment.
Urethane universal joint
The universal joint in high grade, UV resistant urethane provides smooth, uniform articulation
and flexibility in all directions for a quick and firm response to steering.


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